Thursday, 15 August 2013

Debbie and her Dress

Its been super busy over here with editing and lots of shoots to get through!
Last Wednesday I had two: one with the lovely Lucy then one with a woman I had not worked before with; Debbie.

Debbie and I met over facebook and we got chatting about posible shoot ideas.
I had a wedding dress that had been sitting around me for a while which I picked up on a huge bargain of £5. So I really wanted to use it and pitched my idea.

We landed up with a run away bride theme as well as some images for my wedding portfolio.
Here is just a selection of the images:


We have planed to do another shoot and its currently in the works so really looking forward to that!

 Debbie can be found: Debbie Wing Modelling 

Much Love,
Claire Davidson

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